Carpets & Flooring

Carpets and flooring can frequently be a source of unwanted microbes. Fungi can flourish in moist areas under carpets and floorings and create musty odours and loss of product integrity. Carpet and rugs can trap dirt and spills within the face fibres, leading to odours and staining from microbial growth if not properly cleaned. Hard surfaces can also be susceptible to attack if the topcoat or wear layers have become compromised.

Antimicrobial Benefits

Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial treatments offer a clear advantage for carpet and flooring products. By preventing growth of bacteria and fungi, consumers can be offered a fresh and hygienic alternative.

Simple Application

Ultra-Fresh antimicrobials can be foamed onto or extruded directly into fibers to prevent bacterial growth on the carpet surface. For added control against mold and mildew, Ultra-Fresh products can be incorporated into the latex or secondary backing. Additional protection can be achieved by combining treatments with the use of an Ultra-Fresh-treated foam underlay. Hard surfaces can also be protected by adding Ultra-Fresh into topcoat or wear layers, as well as the backing. Once applied, Ultra-Fresh becomes a permanent part of the carpet or flooring structure and will extend the useful life of the product.