Paint, Ink & Coatings

PVC, latex and polyurethane etc. are often coated onto textiles to create goods with new properties or features. Ink, paint, and lacquer are other examples of coatings or dried films. Regardless of their nature, most coatings are susceptible to bacterial and fungal growth. Microbial attack adversely affects the properties of these coatings, resulting in bacterial odour, staining, or loss of inherent properties leading to a reduced lifespan of the product.

Antimicrobial Benefits

Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial products offer proven protection from microbial attack by controlling growth of unwanted microbes. Treated coatings can enhance the overall hygienic environment when used in healthcare institutions, catering facilities, washrooms, and more by minimizing the presence of bacteria on surfaces.

Treated coatings can also offer protection against fungi, mould and mildew, a key feature particularly for outdoor applications. Ultra-Fresh antimicrobials therefore help to prolong product life by preventing discoloration and loss of tensile strength and cracking of coated textiles that could occur through fungal attack.

Simple Application

A number of Ultra-Fresh treatment options for coatings are available. This selection ensures that an ideal product can be found for each particular end use and performance requirement. Simple to use, each antimicrobial treatment can be added to the liquid stage prior to coating. In some cases, the treatment can also offer excellent in-can protection prior to use.