Textiles & Non-Woven Fabrics

Today’s consumers demand high performance from textiles, regardless of whether the fabric is for apparel, home textiles, or outdoor applications. A purchasing decision is often based as much on the functional aspects of a fabric as on colour and texture. For this reason, our antimicrobial treatments can offer added value to many different types of goods.

Bacteria and fungi can degrade textiles in many ways. They create odors in intimate and athletic wear, proliferate in medical environments, and can be responsible for stains in upholstery and other household items. Microbial growth also attacks outdoor textiles such as awnings, tents, or lawn furniture and leads to discoloration and degradation.

Antimicrobial Benefits

Textiles treated with Ultra-Fresh or Silpure antimicrobial products promise freshness, stain protection and an extended product life, even for heavy-duty outdoor applications. Formulated to provide excellent durability, fabrics treated with Ultra-Fresh or Silpure  continue to offer performance after multiple cleanings or extended exposure to environmental stresses.

Simple Application

Ultra-Fresh and Silpure antimicrobials can be applied during normal textile finishing processes, meaning no special equipment or processing steps are required. When applying by coating, padding, exhaustion or foaming, the antimicrobial treatment can typically be used in combination with other common auxiliaries such as softeners, moisture management systems, fluorocarbons or resins. Treatments can be used in textile coatings by adding antimicrobials directly to the liquid prior to application. Certain Ultra-Fresh treatments can also be included during the extrusion process of synthetic fibers such as polyester, polyamide or polypropylene.

Ultra-Fresh and Silpure antimicrobial products are applicable to a wide range of substrates, including cotton, viscose, polyester, nylon, acrylic, polyolefin, rayon, wool and their blends. By offering a broad selection of actives and formulations, you can be confident we will always have the right product for you, regardless of your end use. Our range of antibacterial and antifungal products ensures the proper protection and performance you need.

Our antimicrobial products are used in a vast range of textile and non woven applications. We have listed a few examples below.

Housewares: towels, bedding, upholstery, carpets, curtains, pillows
Commercial: window coverings, military fabrics, uniforms, tenting, carpets.
Apparel: caps, jackets, work wear, sportswear, fleeces, intimates
Building Products: architectural fabrics, awnings, canopies
Healthcare: scrubs, masks, drapery, window coverings, bedding, filters, lab coats